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Dangers of Medical Tourism- Letter to the New President of Panama 2015-03-06

Dear Mr. President,
I am writing to you direct as I was given your email by a friend. I understand that you're trying to Deal with corruption. I would like to bring to your attention that people are now practicing as doctors with no qualifications in Panama, and also using your country as a supply base for the Internet.
I am a 74-year-old pensioner retired to your country and have been there five years. I was prescribed drugs which nearly killed me. I found some of these drugs were world wide banned. I would like you to read my blog which has received more than 36,000 views, mostly from Panamanian residents.
The latest saga is that my case is being put on hold. The Panamanian government have told our attorneys that they do not know what jurisdiction this belongs to. We have been on this case for over a year. Can you please help stopping the so-called doctors practicing in your country. The law states that anyone practicing in your country without a license should be sent to prison to 3 to 5 years.
Hoping you can be of assistance or point me in the right direction.
David Venables

The Dangers of Medical Tourism: Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama: UPDATE 2015-03-06

It looks like Sigler can get away with murder, and all branches of government that I have notified are responsible for allowing him to operate with impunity.
Below I have written a summary of the government entities I have brought this case to the attention to, and their responses to me:

   1.  Police: I was told by the police that this case first needed to be brought to the attention of the Ministry of Health, before they would even consider looking into it. This answer was given, despite offering all of the evidence, which proved, without a doubt, that Sigler committed crimes, and despite the existence of a real danger to public health and safety.

   2.  Ministry of Health: I have written in previous posts on my blog, of my frustrations with the Ministry of Health, my several communications, visits with them, all in the name of trying to bring to their attention a clear and present danger operating within their jurisdiction, for which they are responsible in policing. I received confirmation from the Ministry that Sigler does not have a license to practice medicine in Panama. As my case clearly shows that Sigler was practicing medicine, without the proper license to do so, it is clear that Sigler committed a crime, which, under Panamanian law, brings a minimum sentence of 2-5 years for practicing a licenced profession, without the proper licence. After several months of pressuring the Ministry to look at my case, I eventually reached the office of the Health Director for the Metropolitan Region, Mr. Jorge Hassan, to whom I provided all of the evidence of medical fraud, and other crimes committed by Mr. Sigler. Mr. Hassan agreed with my allegations, and promised to look at the case immediately, and would contact either me, or my attorney with a response. Neither me, nor my attorney were ever contacted by Mr. Hassan, or anyone at the Ministry after the meeting. Furthermore, all attempts to meet or talk with Mr. Hassan again about the issue, were denied, as we were told he was either out of the office, or in a meeting. I would have thought, at the very least, that a man of his position, would have at the very least, provided a response, even in the event that he, or the Ministry, found no wrong doing. It was Mr. Hassan’s obligation to respond to either me or my attorney, as this was an ongoing case, brought before the attorney general.
Mr. Jorge Hassan, Health Director for the Metropolitan Region (Panama City, Panama)

   3.  American Embassy, and UK Embassy: Both offices offered their condolences for my situation, and agreed that what had happened atrocious. However, understandably, neither office could not do more than express their concern, and interest in my case to the Panamanian authorities. On several occasions, both the US, and UK offices contacted the Ministry of Health, and the Attorney General’s office on my behalf, to make it known to them that they felt my case was important, and should be taken seriously.

   4. The DEA in Panama, and the FDA: These two American entities were who initially prosecuted Sigler for drug smuggling large amounts of toxic, and illegal substances from Asia, for sale to US consumers. As mentioned in my previous posts, Sigler received a reduced sentence for becoming an informant to the DEA. The DEA is still aware that he is doing seminars in the US, and abroad, and is still in the business of selling illegal substances to consumers.

   5.  The University of Sint Eustatius: As I mentioned in my previous post, Sigler was never awarded a medical degree. This was confirmed by the current president of the University of Sint Eustatius, Mr. Milo Pinckney, where Sigler claimed to have received his medical degree, who I quote, said, they “have no record of Mr. Sigler having been awarded a degree”. An important side note on this topic is that Sigler referenced his medical degree from Sint Eustatius as part of his defense in the DEA/FDA criminal case against him, which means he lied under oath. In addition, my case clearly shows that Sigler was practicing medicine in Panama, without

  6.   District Attorney: At present I have a case with the district attorney in Panama that has been open for about 1 year, with no follow up by the Panamanian authorities at all.

   7.  Other victims: In my outing of my experience, I have met, and talked to many other people who have had similar experiences with Mr. Sigler. I am amazed that nothing has been done to stop Sigler in Panama, now having knowledge of the other people he has harmed. I think I am even more shocked that Sigler hasn’t yet killed anyone.

   8.  VISA: Visa is still enabling people like Sigler to sell drugs through their payment process. They should be accountable for the businesses they have allowed, and enabled to charge people for illegal, and dangerous goods. TO date, Visa has refused to provide me the protections they are obligated to provide to me under their own regulations. In my previous posts, I have clearly shown how Sigler violated Visa’s regulations. This evidence was also provided to Visa, but, as mentioned before, they have continuously refused to honor their own policy.

Sigler is still being allowed to practice in Panama, with no qualifications. There is clear evidence, that Sigler has committed crimes in the past, as evidenced by his prosecutions in the US by the DEA, and FDA, as well as the case I have brought forth against him in Panama.
Sigler is a danger to the health, and safety of the public, and should be stopped, but the entities who are responsible for protecting the public, and stopping dangerous operations such as Sigler’s have ignored their duty. This brings to light the amount of corruption within government, and private institutions in Panama. I would not be surprised that both sides are working together to silence me, in exchange for monetary gain. Corruption is not a new concept in Panama. Corruption in Panama is alive, and thriving.

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The Dangers of Medical Tourism: Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama: More Information

Hello Everyone,

Below is a letter I wrote to Mrs. Jackie Sigler, following an email I received from her. You may see a copy of her email to me by following this link: 


Mrs. Sigler, this is David Venables. I am writing to you to tell you that your husband has no ethics whatsoever, and no qualifications to practice medicine. If he did have the proper qualifications he would be a disgrace to the profession, as he issued drugs that are completely toxic, and can kill people. Your husband should serve a prison sentence, and I hope he does.

Please don't send me your god fearing letters, as you are as bad as him knowing exactly what a he is doing, and assisting him in his work.

He has worked in excess of eight years in Panama, and has not paid any American tax, which is required by law if you’re a US citizen.

Furthermore. Your husband has been selling these drugs to Americans, and Panamanians, through running an illegal pharmacy, and misrepresenting his educational background, as I have learned that all of the Universities he claims to have receive medical training, have no record of your husband having been a student at any time. Your husband may have completed rotations at hospitals in the USA, but as I have also learned, he did a very poor job, and was later denied a medical license in Florida based on his past performance, and criminal charges.

In addition, the University of Sint Eustatius has confirmed that your husband was never awarded a degree from their University. I am curious if you know this.

I know you are aware of the fact I was before the district attorney last Tuesday, with your attorney and mine. I think the law in Panama is rotten and I heard a rumour that your husband has given brides to officials, but as we all know, there are millions of rumours.

I'm also sure you're aware that I have had over 17,000 viewers on my blog, and a lot of assistance from readers, which we have not presented yet.

You should know that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), as well as the local news reporters have expressed interest in the case against your husband, and are awaiting the outcome.

I am aware of your husband’s visits to other countries, including Ecuador, where several people were also scammed, plus the people you have damaged in Panama.

I have also received assistance from your past Panamanian associates, whom have been most helpful with their information.

I am glad that you never followed through with your pursue of the stem cell business.

Your husband has really done an excellent job of swindling the Panamanian people, and the world.

I will continue with the court action, along with the assistance of the Panamanian Anticorruption Agency. I appreciate that you don't take me seriously, and that you believe you are 100% right. Simply put, your husband is a crook, a criminal with no conscience… A sociopath.

I will do all I can to ensure that your husband is arrested, either in Panama, or the USA.

I will also do all I can to ensure that your Visa point of sale account is shut down, because you submit illegal transactions into the Visa system.

I couldn't care less if you, and your husband went to hell, or prison. However, but I can see the Panamanian people, doctors, and authorities, don't care much about law enforcement, as the police should have arrested your husband already for having committed very serious crimes. But the law stinks in Panama, and I didn't realize how unbelievably evil you and your husband are when I started this campaign, as I have now learned that money is your god, and greed is your religion.

I will not stop until your husband answers for the crimes he has committed. As a retiree, I have all of my time, and energy at my disposal to seek justice, and educate the public in the process.

Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama - Repost

Hello again everyone,

Below is a post I made near the beginning of 2014 regarding a verbal attack against my fiance, and I carried out by the wife of Micheal Sigler, Mrs. Jackie Sigler.

Shortly after posting the entry below, I decided to remove it. Today I have decided to re-post the blog entry.


December 31, 2013

Hello everyone.
Me here with another update. I hadn’t planned to post another update until I received news regarding the status of the criminal case I filed against Mr. Sigler for practicing medicine in Panama without a license. However, a very recent post, published by Mr. Sigler’s spouse, has encouraged me to post an update, mainly to address the rebuttal Mrs. Sigler has made. Below is an image of the comments Mrs. Sigler made.

For those of you who are not familiar with the back story to this dispute, you can read all about it via the following link:
Before I address the points Mrs. Sigler made in her statement, I would like to make it clear that I do not enjoy keeping up this blog, in fact, I hate it. It has taken a lot of time, and emotional energy out of me, and my family as well.

On to addressing Mrs. Sigler’s comments. I will list them below, along with my comments:

1.       Extorting Mrs. Sigler, and her family for $50,000.
·       Extortion is defined as the crime of getting money, or property, from someone by the use of force or threats. However, if a lawsuit is legally viable, or if the person has an honest belief that he or she has a right to the money, or property, then it is not extortion.
·       I have always requested a full refund of the money I spent, as was promised to me by Mr. Sigler, not 1 cent more, not 1 cent less.
·       As I mentioned in a previous post, I made it clear to Mr. Sigler, early on, that any pressure I have, and will continue to put onto him, has always been, and will always be through civil means (copy of email below).

·       After filing a criminal case against Mr. Sigler for practicing medicine in Panama without a license, and after publishing my experience in this blog, Mr. Sigler’s lawyer contacted my attorney, and discussed making a settlement agreement to withdraw the criminal case, and to remove my blog. My attorney contacted me, and asked me how much I would accept to settle the dispute. I told my attorney that I believed that $50,000 would cover the amount I paid for the drugs ($8000), my legal expenses thus far (approximately $10,000), my medical expenses (approximately $10,000 so far), possible future medical expenses, and damages ($20,000). I never heard back from anyone regarding this specific attempt to settle.
·       Several weeks later, I was contacted by a mutual friend, who lent his time and effort to try and mediate a settlement between Mr. Sigler and I. I again, told this person that I believed $50,000 would cover my current expenses, possible future expenses, and damages. I very quickly received a response from Mr. Sigler, through this mutual friend, saying that he would only offer to fully refund my money, like he originally promised, to which I declined. I declined this offer, because I believe that it is not enough to compensate for everything that has happened.

2.       We have a legal business
·       I have never made the argument that Mr. Sigler’s business isn’t legal. I know that his pharmacy is licensed by the Ministry of Health. The argument that I have been making is that in my own specific experience, Mr. Sigler had been practising medicine without a license, he sold me a banned, and potentially lethal substance (GW501516), and he provided me with a prescription that was stamped and signed by a doctor that was not present during my consultation with him. (copy of documentation from the Ministry of Health, stating that Mr. Sigler does not have a license to practice medicine in Panama, as well as a copy of the prescription I was given below)

3.       Venables has a history in Panama for trying to get money out of corporations
·       When I first arrived in Panama, several years ago, I had a dispute with an air conditioning company, who sold and incorrectly installed several air conditioning units in my home. When the units failed, I made a claim through the warranty, and I was told that my warranty had been voided because the company that installed the units were not authorized to do so. I went back to the air conditioning company to make a claim, but they refused to take any responsibility. I was left with several thousand dollars of malfunctioning air conditioning units, and after making several attempts, through the proper channels, I could not receive any sort of resolution. My response was to take one of the units to the parking lot of the store where I bought it, and smash it with an axe. I posted the whole thing on YouTube, and I received a response from the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer agreed to change only the units that were still intact, and to install them with certified technicians. After all was said and done, I came out losing money.
·       You can read more about this on the Panama Guide website, via the following link:

The author of the article, Mr. Don Winner, mostly offers his opinion on the matter, which he is completely entitled to.  I don’t agree with his take on the matter, but he provided me with the opportunity to tell my side of the story on his site, which I very much appreciated.

4.       We have Panamanian doctors on our medical team
·       There may or may not be Panamanian doctors on Mr. Sigler’s the medical team. This point has no bearing in this matter. I have never argued that the some of the people that work for Mr. Sigler are not doctors, or not Panamanian. My argument has always been that Mr. Sigler was practising medicine in Panama without a license.

5.       I wanted an erection
·       As I stated in my original post, I went to Mr. Sigler because I wanted to correct the testosterone levels in my body. One assumes that with a healthy level of testosterone in one’s body, that erections would be a side-effect, and a welcomed one at that, especially at my age. I did discuss this with Mr. Sigler during my consultation with him, among many other things.

6.       I went to the pharmacy with a Colombian hooker
·       Unless there’s something she isn’t telling, I’m very certain that my fiancĂ©, an American, born, and raised, mother, is not Colombian, and most certainly is not a hooker. Mr. Sigler knows this, and referred to my fiancĂ© in an email (image of the email below). I really don’t know where this notion came from, but I will give Mrs. Sigler the benefit of the doubt, and assume that she was very emotional, and thus, not thinking rationally when she made that statement.

7.       I demanded Mr. Sigler’s own personal medicine
·       I will assume that Mrs. Sigler is referring to the toxic, and banned substance, GW501516 that I was sold. Whether or not this drug came from Mr. Sigler’s own personal stash, is immaterial. I was sold this substance, and I had no idea what it was or that it was dangerous. I most certainly did not demand it. Below is an image of the email where I ask Mr. Sigler to explain what GW501516 was, and if he knew anything about it being dangerous. You will see Mr. Sigler’s comments in the red box.

·       Here are some links to sites that discuss the dangers of the drug GW501516:

Health Canada – GW501516 - Serious Risks Associated With the Use of the Unauthorized Product:

World Anti-doping Agency - WADA issues alert on GW501516:
Wikipedia – GW501516:
The Chicago Tribune – Athletes only too happy to be 'lab rats':

·       All of the above sites refer to serious toxicities were discovered in pre-clinical studies. The clinical studies regarding GW501516 were published in the Official Journal of the
Society of Toxicology, Volume 108, Number 1, in March 2009. Here is a link to the issue of that journal:
For your reference, below is an image of the section of the journal that discusses the toxicities that were discovered.

·       Below is also an image of the actual drug itself, as it was sold to me. If it was Mr. Sigler’s own personal “medicine”, then I don’t see why the drug had batch number, and dosage recommendation on a company label. It’s clear from the label that this drug was prepared in Mr. Sigler’s compounding pharmacy, as well as, at some point, entered into the pharmacy’s inventory, and sold to me.

6. I wanted them to return (my money), and keep the medicine
·       Below is an image that I took today of all the drugs I was sold. Mostly unused, because I did take the drugs for 3 weeks, under Mr. Sigler’s recommendation. As I have been telling Mr. Sigler, and stating in this blog from the beginning, the drugs made me dangerously ill. I stopped taking the drugs at the recommendation of a doctor that Mr. Sigler referred me to, and against Mr. Sigler’s recommendation to continue. It isn’t logical for me to take something that quite possibly will kill me.

To those reading my blog, you can choose to believe me or not. I will continue to make posts on this site, and back up my claims with documentation, as I already have.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Exposing a Killer: Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, Age Management Panama, and Medical Fraud, and the Sale of Toxic Pharmaceuticals in Panama


This post is a continuation of prior posts regarding an experience I had with a person by the name of Michael Orlin Sigler, who goes by the name of Dr. Michael Orlin Sigler, Executive Director of Live Well Pharmaceuticals Inc., and founder of Age Management Panama.

If you are familiar with my story, then you may skip this introduction, and begin reading from the section below titled, "Exposing a Criminal".

To summarize, Mr. Sigler represents himself, by means of his business cards, websites (which have now been removed from the web), verbal, and written communications as Dr. Michael Sigler MD.

I met with Mr. Sigler in March 2013, at the Live Well Pharmaceuticals office in Panama City, Panama, to speak about my testosterone levels, and to discuss possible treatment. During the course of the "Medical Consultation", Mr. Sigler confirmed to me that was a doctor, and was licensed to practice in Panama.

Mr. Sigler went on to recommended I take a cocktail of controlled substances, including steroids, and an extremely dangerous called GW501516, which is banned for human consumption worldwide. Mr. Sigler made this recommendation without administering blood tests.

Mr. Sigler personally prescribed these drugs to me on a prescription form that was pre-signed and pre-stamped by a licensed Panamanian doctor, whom was not present at any time during the "Consultation". I wasn't aware of this act of fraud until approximately 1 week after our meeting.

I bought these substances, fully trusting in the recommendation of Mr. Sigler, with the understanding that he was a doctor, and was licensed to sell, and administer the drugs.

Mr. Sigler personally injected me with one substance, and the rest I took myself. After just 1 week of taking these drugs I fell dangerously ill.

It wasn't until after falling ill that I began to look deeper into Mr. Sigler, and his businesses, and made several startling discoveries.

Over the course of 1 year, I have learned that Mr. Sigler does not have a license to practice medicine in any part of the world, and that he has harmed other people.

I have brought my case to the attention of the Ministry of Health in Panama, but they have taken absolutely no action.

WARNING: Mr. Sigler is a convicted criminal, and is still operating in Panama, under the support of the Ministry of Health. He continues to sell dangerous drugs to the public.

If you would like to read about my experience in more detail, you may read my original post here:

Exposing a Criminal:

The following information is the first of a planned series of document leaks into the prior criminal cases involving Mr. Sigler, as well as reporting of the investigation into Mr. Sigler's educational background. 
On February 26, 2014, I posted some information on this blog regarding Mr. Sigler's claims to have received medical training at several different institutions in North America, and Europe. 

Through the information I received, it appears that Mr. Sigler never received any form of degree or certificate from any of the institutions where he claims to have received training. Moreover, the information I received indicates that several of the institutions where Mr. Sigler claims to have received medical training, have no record whatsoever of Mr. Sigler.

In my previous post I covered the following institutions:
University of Cambridge, England
University of Miami School of Medicine
University of Toronto

You can read my previous post by visiting the following link:

Since my last post I received some additional information regarding Mr. Sigler's prior criminal offences, as well as information regarding his time at the University of Sint Eustatius, where Mr. Sigler claims he received his Medical Degree.

Below are several images from a criminal cases in Pennsylvania, and Texas, beginning in 2010, where Mr. Sigler was convicted, and served time in prison, for drug related charges.

Case No. 3-2010-mj-00104:

As you can see from the documents above, Mr. Sigler is a convicted criminal. I have several more documents in my possession, which I will be posting on this blog in the coming weeks.

It is important to note that several of the documents related to the case against Mr. Sigler have been filed under "seal", which means that the documents have been intentionally removed from the court records, and are not available to the public. 

In examining all of the documents I have, I can say that the motion to seal certain documents regarding the case against Mr. Sigler, was done in order to "preserve the integrity of an ongoing case", "insure the security of investigative personnel", "allow for the seizure of evidence", and to "permit the arrest of those charged with violations of criminal law". What this means is that Mr. Sigler agreed to assist in an ongoing investigation into other individuals, and, the details of his involvement into the ongoing investigation have been removed from the court records in order to avoid any hindrance the release of this information may pose to the ongoing investigation.

My sources tell me that a defendant will usually agree to assist in an ongoing investigation, in exchange for a lesser penalty in their own case.   

Next is an image of an email I received from the Dean of Academics at the University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine:

Based on the newly received information above, Mr. Sigler completed 72 weeks of clinical rotations at various hospitals in the USA, which validates a previous bit of information I posted from the Meeting Minutes of September 16, 2006 of the Florida Board of Medicine Credentials Commission, in which Mr. Sigler was denied a medical license, based on what was described as a “Less than favourable evaluation and failure to disclose probation at the University of Miami", among other reasons.

However, the most important piece of information in the above email, is that Mr. Sigler appears to have never been awarded a diploma from the University of Sint Eustatius. If the above information is true, then where, and how did Mr. Sigler obtain the below?:

Is the above diploma a forgery, or worse, did Mr. Sigler obtain the above diploma through bribes?

All of the evidence I've provided in this post today raises some serious questions. Mainly, how does a convicted criminal manage to continue his criminal activity, through his spouse, while he was in prison, as well as for several years after being released? Also, why, with this information being in the public domain, are the Panamanian authorities not doing anything to prevent Mr. Sigler from operating in Panama?

I hope that with the release of the above evidence that the authorities in Panama will start to take notice, and begin taking m case seriously. It is absolutely frightening that a convicted criminal is posing as a doctor, selling dangerous, controlled, and banned substances, and nobody seems to care enough to do anything about it.

It has been 1 year since I brought my case to the attention of the Ministry of Health in Panama, and I have still not received any sort of response. Most recently, in February 2014, my attorney met with the director of the Metropolitan region of health, Mr. Jorge Hassan, who expressed his interest, and even promised to issue a response within 1 week of the meeting. I have not heard anything from Mr. Hassan's office since the meeting in February 2014, and he has apparently always been out of the office, or in a meeting during the upwards of 20 times my attorney has attempted to contact him to follow up since the last meeting.

Recently I received some insight into why I may have been stonewalled by the Ministry of Health. A source of mine stated to me, that, through means of bribes or favours, often cases will be deliberately ignored, or delayed by the authorities. This source also stated to me that he believed Mr. Sigler had bribed officials in the past.

This concludes my post for today. I will reveal much more info in the coming weeks.

Thank you

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama - Update 2014-02-26

I’d like to begin this post by providing the public with important information regarding Mr. Sigler, and his claims concerning his medical training/education.

All information I have received, and will continue to receive in the future, has, and will be provided to the Panamanian authorities for the purpose of their criminal investigation.

In the marketing of his business, Mr. Sigler claims to have “received his medical training both domestically and internationally, at prestigious universities including Stanford, University of California–San Francisco, University of Miami School of Medicine, University of Toronto, University of Cambridge, England, and Saint Eustatius, Netherlands. He has treated thousands of patients abroad and in the community of South Florida throughout his training in surgery and rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Medical center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Hollywood Memorial Hospital and the VA Hospital.”

I recently reached out to all of the above institutions, to verify Mr. Sigler’s claims. I am still in the process of formally obtaining confirmation from all of the institutions; however, some have already provided a response to me. As I feel this information serves to benefit the safety of the general public, I am releasing what information I have received to date, and will continue to release additional info as it becomes available.

The following are the responses I have received from 3, of the various institutions I contacted:

University of Cambridge, England:

University of Miami School of Medicine:

University of Toronto:

I am astounded that this blog has had over 16,000 page views, and nobody has stepped forward to lend their support to help end the sort of medical fraud in Panama.

It seems that the Panamanian government has allowed for Sigler to operate for up to 7 years in their country, with their approval. I am disgusted at how Mr. Sigler has essentially been given a pass to sell toxic, unregulated substances that could very well be killing people. The drug I was sold, GW501516, has been known to cause cancer, which is without a doubt more lethal than most illicit street drugs, such as cocaine, or heroine. However, the Panamanian authorities seem to not have any concern, despite having been provided all of the evidence to substantiate my case.

The inaction on part of the Panamanian authorities has raised my suspicions that there is something else happening behind the scenes that has convinced the authorities to keep this issue in the dark. Corruption is at the top of the list of my suspicions. The authorities have completely ignored my case for 10 months now, and it’s about time they did their job. This case is important to foreigners and Panamanian nations alike.

Despite the importance of this case, I have received many messages from people stating that it is my fault for having not done my due diligence, and that it is the responsibility of every person to verify the credentials of the health care professionals they use. It appears that those who have made these remarks have missed some important elements of my experience. 

As I have stated in my original post, it took me nearly 5 months to verify that Mr. Sigler was not registered to practice medicine in Panama. It simply is not practical for one to wait such extended periods of time to verify each and every health care professional one may encounter in their lifetime. If it took the Ministry 5 months to verify that Mr. Sigler is not registered, then imagine how much longer that process would take if, as some have suggested, every individual in Panama go through the same process of verifying the credentials of every doctor they encounter. Besides, Mr. Sigler’s business is confirmed to have the support of the Ministry of Health, despite him not having a license to practice. Most would assume that a licensed compounding pharmacy would have to follow strict guidelines in order to comply with regulations, one of which should include that all actions that require a specialized license, must be administered by employees that possess the specific specialized license.

Let’s see if Mr. Sigler will address this apparent discrepancy in his educational background he advertises, and the information I received from the institutions he claims to have attended.

In the coming weeks, I will be making another post on this blog, describing how practically anyone can come to Panama, and begin operating a drug dealing business, with the support of the government.

More to come…

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama - Update 2014-02-12

A few weeks ago, I received a citation ticket from the state, requesting that I present myself to testify as a witness for their investigation (image below).

My attorney informed me that he had presented himself on February 10, and confirmed that the case will indeed proceed. He also informed me that Mr. Sigler’s lawyer presented himself just days before, and issued a statement on Mr. Sigler’s behalf, which stated that Mr. Sigler has medical training, that he is a doctor, and that my case has no basis, and requesting that the state not proceed with the case.
Evidently, Mr. Sigler’s attempt to silence the truth did not work, as the state proceeded with issuing a summons to me so I may testify.

Over the past few weeks, I have also been in contact with several people, who have offered to testify as witnesses in the case. I will not be providing information as to who these people are, but I will say that the information I have discovered from these people, is equally, if not, more disturbing than the information I have provided in my experience.

All of this information will be made public shortly. In the meantime, I invite you to contact me at, if you have any information that you would like to contribute to the case. I will keep you identity anonymous if you wish not to be identified.

I also invite anyone with doubts about this case to continue to follow this blog, as I will publish more evidence shortly. I will also be publishing the court date, should anyone be interested in attending to witness the outcome for themselves.

Thank you

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama - Update: 2014-01-22

In the recent weeks, it has come to my attention that Mr. Sigler has started an advertising/spam campaign on Youtube, and has also published his own blog.

Through the Youtube spam campaign, Sigler has managed to post 96 videos, under 4 separate usernames. Below are the usernames used to post Mr. Sigler’s spam, along with the corresponding link to the Youtube channel page:

Username: actioninpanama
Videos: 30

Username: Christopher Wachter
Videos: 10

Username: David Santiago
Videos: 42

Username: Gail Blizzard
Videos: 14

I initially thought that these videos were genuinely posted by clients, or business partners on Mr. Sigler. However, after a quick comparison of the videos, it was clear to me that the videos had been duplicated across the 4 separate accounts:

In addition to the duplicate videos, I discovered that many of the videos had comments, from the original poster, which had also been duplicated across all 4 accounts:

There was even a comment from Mr. Sigler, commenting about himself in third-person:

However, this final piece of evidence I found, really put the icing on the cake. The 3 individuals (Christopher Wachter, David Santiago, and Gail Blizzard), appear to be impersonations of actual people. Below is what I found:

Christopher Wachter:

Real Name: Christopher Ride
Austrailian science fiction, and thriller writer/author:

David Santiago:

Real Name: David Santiago
Florida State House Representative

Gail Bilzzard: 

Real Name: Abigail Garthwait
University of Maine

Please be cautious if you come across some of these ads, as they are not what they appear. This campaign by Mr. Sigler appears to be aimed at countering the negative publicity about him and his businesses that is currently out there. I guess the logic behind this campaign is to flood the internet with positive content, in hopes that it will drown out this blog, and other sites that are reporting the truth.

I will continue to post updates as new information becomes available.

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