Friday, November 15, 2013

Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama - Update: 2013-11-15

In my previous post I discussed in detail an experience I had with an individual by the name of Michael Orlin Sigler, a US citizen, who goes by the title Dr. Michael O. Sigler MD, Executive Director at Live Well Pharmaceuticals Inc., and founder of Age Management Panama, as well as discussed the lack of action of the Panamanian authorities regarding matters of public health and safety, as it relates to my experience with Mr. Sigler, and his companies. 

In summary, I was sold several drugs, which included steroids, and a banned substance (GW501516), by Mr. Sigler, who I understood was a licensed doctor, as he presents himself to be. Mr. Sigler also promised to return my money if the drugs did not work as intended. Upon taking the drugs I fell dangerously ill, and stopped taking the drugs. I requested my money back, as I was promised, but Mr. Sigler refused. It was not until I began to question Mr. Sigler's credibility that I learned that Mr. Sigler does not have a license to practice medicine, and that at least one of the drugs he sold me is a banned substance.

I notified the Panamanian authorities, but 6 months have now passed, and they have done nothing.

The following is an update to my previous post:

To date, the status of the overall dispute has not changed much since my original post. However, I recently received information regarding the nature of a citation, which I received at my home on October 23, 2013, via a visit from a Police officer. The citation was filed by Mr. Sigler, and on November 7, 2013, I obtained a copy of the report that Mr. Sigler filed, which is a request for a restraining order against me. In his report, Mr. Sigler stated that he feels that his personal safety, along with the safety of his family, business, and his associates, is being threatened by me (image of citation, and report below).

In his report, Mr. Sigler references the following, as the basis for requesting the restraining order. I have added my comments below each of Mr. Sigler's claims:

4. That after refusing to refund my money, Mr. Sigler claims that I began to attack him constantly, through letters to him, as well as to the Ministry of Health in Panama, the FDA in the USA, the US and UK Embassies in Panama, and other people, in order to discredit his character.
  • As I stated in my original post I have, on several occasions, written to Mr. Sigler to request my money back, as well as written to the US and British Embassies, the FDA, and other agencies/individuals, about my experience. 

5. That he has received threats from me via email.
  • I have never threatened to harm Mr. Sigler. Several months ago, I made it clear to Mr. Sigler, in the form of a written email, that any "pressure" I have, and will continue to put onto Mr. Sigler has been, and will continue to be, through "civil means" (image of email below). 

6. That on October 12, 2013, I arrived at at Hotel and began giving out flyers, discrediting his character.
  • I did attend a body building event at the Hotel Veneto in Panama City, which Live Well Pharmaceuticals was sponsoring, and began distributing flyers that stated, among other things, that Mr. Sigler is not licensed to practice medicine in any part of the world, that Live Well sells "Toxic Substances", and that the substance GW501516 "causes cancer". However, I did not see Mr. Sigler at this event (image of original flyer below). 

7. That on October 15, 2013, I arrived at a local restaurant, while he was having dinner with his family, and began handing out flyers in the restaurant, as well as in the streets.
  • This claim is false. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Sigler will attempt to prove this in court.

Subsequent to receiving the restraining order, I have, firstly, decided to bring forth a criminal case against Mr. Sigler for practising medicine in Panama without a license. The case was submitted to the Police this earlier this afternoon.

Secondly, depending on the outcome of the criminal case, I may pursue a separate civil case against Mr. Sigler.

I have read on the internet, accounts from former clients of Mr. Sigler who have had similar experiences to mine. If anyone has any information that they are interested in contributing towards the criminal or civil case against Mr. Sigler, you may contact me at