Friday, March 6, 2015

Dangers of Medical Tourism- Letter to the New President of Panama 2015-03-06

Dear Mr. President,
I am writing to you direct as I was given your email by a friend. I understand that you're trying to Deal with corruption. I would like to bring to your attention that people are now practicing as doctors with no qualifications in Panama, and also using your country as a supply base for the Internet.
I am a 74-year-old pensioner retired to your country and have been there five years. I was prescribed drugs which nearly killed me. I found some of these drugs were world wide banned. I would like you to read my blog which has received more than 36,000 views, mostly from Panamanian residents.
The latest saga is that my case is being put on hold. The Panamanian government have told our attorneys that they do not know what jurisdiction this belongs to. We have been on this case for over a year. Can you please help stopping the so-called doctors practicing in your country. The law states that anyone practicing in your country without a license should be sent to prison to 3 to 5 years.
Hoping you can be of assistance or point me in the right direction.
David Venables

The Dangers of Medical Tourism: Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama: UPDATE 2015-03-06

It looks like Sigler can get away with murder, and all branches of government that I have notified are responsible for allowing him to operate with impunity.
Below I have written a summary of the government entities I have brought this case to the attention to, and their responses to me:

   1.  Police: I was told by the police that this case first needed to be brought to the attention of the Ministry of Health, before they would even consider looking into it. This answer was given, despite offering all of the evidence, which proved, without a doubt, that Sigler committed crimes, and despite the existence of a real danger to public health and safety.

   2.  Ministry of Health: I have written in previous posts on my blog, of my frustrations with the Ministry of Health, my several communications, visits with them, all in the name of trying to bring to their attention a clear and present danger operating within their jurisdiction, for which they are responsible in policing. I received confirmation from the Ministry that Sigler does not have a license to practice medicine in Panama. As my case clearly shows that Sigler was practicing medicine, without the proper license to do so, it is clear that Sigler committed a crime, which, under Panamanian law, brings a minimum sentence of 2-5 years for practicing a licenced profession, without the proper licence. After several months of pressuring the Ministry to look at my case, I eventually reached the office of the Health Director for the Metropolitan Region, Mr. Jorge Hassan, to whom I provided all of the evidence of medical fraud, and other crimes committed by Mr. Sigler. Mr. Hassan agreed with my allegations, and promised to look at the case immediately, and would contact either me, or my attorney with a response. Neither me, nor my attorney were ever contacted by Mr. Hassan, or anyone at the Ministry after the meeting. Furthermore, all attempts to meet or talk with Mr. Hassan again about the issue, were denied, as we were told he was either out of the office, or in a meeting. I would have thought, at the very least, that a man of his position, would have at the very least, provided a response, even in the event that he, or the Ministry, found no wrong doing. It was Mr. Hassan’s obligation to respond to either me or my attorney, as this was an ongoing case, brought before the attorney general.
Mr. Jorge Hassan, Health Director for the Metropolitan Region (Panama City, Panama)

   3.  American Embassy, and UK Embassy: Both offices offered their condolences for my situation, and agreed that what had happened atrocious. However, understandably, neither office could not do more than express their concern, and interest in my case to the Panamanian authorities. On several occasions, both the US, and UK offices contacted the Ministry of Health, and the Attorney General’s office on my behalf, to make it known to them that they felt my case was important, and should be taken seriously.

   4. The DEA in Panama, and the FDA: These two American entities were who initially prosecuted Sigler for drug smuggling large amounts of toxic, and illegal substances from Asia, for sale to US consumers. As mentioned in my previous posts, Sigler received a reduced sentence for becoming an informant to the DEA. The DEA is still aware that he is doing seminars in the US, and abroad, and is still in the business of selling illegal substances to consumers.

   5.  The University of Sint Eustatius: As I mentioned in my previous post, Sigler was never awarded a medical degree. This was confirmed by the current president of the University of Sint Eustatius, Mr. Milo Pinckney, where Sigler claimed to have received his medical degree, who I quote, said, they “have no record of Mr. Sigler having been awarded a degree”. An important side note on this topic is that Sigler referenced his medical degree from Sint Eustatius as part of his defense in the DEA/FDA criminal case against him, which means he lied under oath. In addition, my case clearly shows that Sigler was practicing medicine in Panama, without

  6.   District Attorney: At present I have a case with the district attorney in Panama that has been open for about 1 year, with no follow up by the Panamanian authorities at all.

   7.  Other victims: In my outing of my experience, I have met, and talked to many other people who have had similar experiences with Mr. Sigler. I am amazed that nothing has been done to stop Sigler in Panama, now having knowledge of the other people he has harmed. I think I am even more shocked that Sigler hasn’t yet killed anyone.

   8.  VISA: Visa is still enabling people like Sigler to sell drugs through their payment process. They should be accountable for the businesses they have allowed, and enabled to charge people for illegal, and dangerous goods. TO date, Visa has refused to provide me the protections they are obligated to provide to me under their own regulations. In my previous posts, I have clearly shown how Sigler violated Visa’s regulations. This evidence was also provided to Visa, but, as mentioned before, they have continuously refused to honor their own policy.

Sigler is still being allowed to practice in Panama, with no qualifications. There is clear evidence, that Sigler has committed crimes in the past, as evidenced by his prosecutions in the US by the DEA, and FDA, as well as the case I have brought forth against him in Panama.
Sigler is a danger to the health, and safety of the public, and should be stopped, but the entities who are responsible for protecting the public, and stopping dangerous operations such as Sigler’s have ignored their duty. This brings to light the amount of corruption within government, and private institutions in Panama. I would not be surprised that both sides are working together to silence me, in exchange for monetary gain. Corruption is not a new concept in Panama. Corruption in Panama is alive, and thriving.