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The Dangers of Medical Tourism: Concerns Regarding Michael O. Sigler, Live Well Pharmaceuticals, and Age Management Panama

I am a 72 year old retired pensioner living in the republic of Panama. The purpose of this post is to bring to your attention my experiences with an individual by the name of Michael Orlin Sigler, a US citizen, who goes by the title Dr. Michael O. Sigler MD, Executive Director at Live Well Pharmaceuticals Inc., and founder of Age Management Panama. My intention is to also bring to light the lack of action of the Panamanian authorities regarding matters of public health and safety, as it relates to my experience with Mr. Sigler, and his companies. 

I first met with Mr. Sigler in person for a medical consultation in March of 2013. During the consultation, my entire medical history and current medications, which include medications to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease, were discussed with him. My health information was also documented on a 26 page Medical Health Assessment Form, which I filled out and returned to him. 

During this meeting, Mr. Sigler confirmed to me that he was in fact a medical doctor and surgeon, that he had practiced medicine in the US, and that he used to perform several bypass surgeries a day at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, FL. He also explained to me that the drugs he prepares were brought in from China, and compounded at the Live Well Pharmaceuticals compounding factory in Panama. He went on, at lengths, about how the drugs he would prescribe to me would improve my quality of life. He also assured me that the drugs would make me feel better, and even promised to return all of my money if the drugs did not work as intended.

After several hours in the consultation, Mr. Sigler provided me with a prescription, listing all of the drugs he would supply. He went on to explain that the prescription could be used to legally bring the drugs into the United States and other countries.

Below is a summary of all the drugs I was prescribed and supplied by Mr. Sigler:

Sermorelin: 0.2 ml daily, 5 times/week
HCG 5000iu: 0.2 ml daily, 5 times/week
IGF LR3 100mcg: 0.2 ml daily, 5 times/week
Mechano Growth Factor 2000mcg: 0.2 ml daily, 5 times/week
GW501516: 2mg daily, 7 times/week
DHEA Capsules: 75mg twice daily, 7 times/week
Natural Thyroid: 2 grain 125mg, once daily, 7 times/week
Anavar: 25mg daily, 7 times/week
Oxytocin: 2ml daily, 7 times/week
Testosterone Cypionate 1ml, 2 times/week
Anatrazole: 1mg twice daily, 7 times/week
Testosterone Undecanoate 250mg/ml

After my consultation, I began doing some research in order to learn more about the drugs I had been supplied. I read an alert published by the World Anti-Doping Agency, regarding one of the drugs I was supplied called, GW501516. The alert stated that GW501516 was a “black market substance”, that the side effects of taking this substance are very serious, and that it was a developmental drug, which was withdrawn from research by the pharmaceutical company and terminated when serious toxicities were discovered in pre-clinical studies. I questioned Mr. Sigler, on several occasions, about this drug. I asked him specifically if he knew about the alert regarding the drug, if he was aware of any possible side effects or risks this drug could pose to my health, and as to whether or not it was safe for me to continue taking it. His response to me was, “this product was recommended for obesity”, and that I should “continue” taking it. Below you will find an image of Mr. Sigler's response, and images of the GW501516 drug that I was given, which states "For Oral Administration" on the label.

I began taking the drugs on March 21, 2013. Over the span of 1 week, my health began to deteriorate rapidly and dangerously.  I began to experience the following symptoms:

Blister-like formations on skin (largest 2 inches in diameter);
Reddish tone to the skin on his forearms;
Swelling of feet;
Trouble breathing;
Trouble getting to sleep and maintaining sleep;
Suicidal thoughts;
Intense fatigue sluggishness throughout the day;
Frequent headaches, most severe during the mornings after waking, and consistent  throughout the day with less severity; and,
Weight gain: 8lbs in 1 week, 14lbs in 2 weeks, 30lbs in 3 weeks.

I informed Mr. Sigler of my condition 1 week after beginning the drugs, and explained to him that the drugs were making me very ill. I requested my money back, as per the promise he made to me if the drugs did not work as intended. He responded by recommending that I continue taking all of the drugs at half of the original dose. He also offered to set up an appointment with a doctor by the name Dr. Temistocles Diaz Lezcano (Dr. Diaz), which Mr. Sigler claimed had extensive knowledge of the types of drugs he supplied to me, and who would be able to provide clarification as to why I was feeling the way I was.

I accepted Mr. Sigler’s offer and visited Dr. Diaz on April 10, 2013. Dr. Diaz’s recommendation to me was that I, first, immediately discontinue all the drugs I had been supplied from Mr. Sigler. Secondly, that I should increase my regular dosage of Furosimide, by double, until the swelling in my feet went down, and my breathing improved. Third, that I continue on with my regular regimen of medications, as, according to him, it will make me feel better. It was at this point where I felt that I could conclude, with enough certainty, that the drugs, which I had been taking at the recommendation of Mr. Sigler, were in fact causing serious harm to my health and well-being.

I informed Mr. Sigler of the recommendation from Dr. Diaz, and his response to me was that I should still continue taking the drugs at half the original dosage.

Since my experience with Mr. Sigler, and the effects on my health, I have been examined by several doctors, both in Panama and the UK. In speaking with medical professionals, I have learned that a person in my state of health should never take the drugs Michael provided to me, as they would pose a serious risk to my health and well-being.

The information, and medical advice that I received from several licensed medical professionals regarding the matter, confirms that the drugs I was supplied by Mr. Sigler, were directly linked to the rapid and dangerous deterioration of my health. What frightens me the most, is that even after being provided with a 26 page Medical Health Assessment Form on my current and past medical conditions, as well as after being advised by Dr. Diaz, Mr. Sigler still recommended that I continue taking the drugs he supplied. Had I continued, as per his recommendation, I fear I would have certainly caused myself permanent damage, or worse, I fear I would have died.  

My experience with Mr. Sigler prompted me to begin doing some additional research into him in order to confirm his claim to be a medical doctor, and his claim to be affiliated with other medical agencies/organizations. A video (seen below) on his website (, which has recently been removed from the internet, says he was “trained as a surgeon at Mount Sinai in Miami”, and “spent 3 years at the Cenegenics Medical Institute and the University of Miami School of medicine”, and that he “now works at an International Medical Center associated with John Hopkins”. 

As I mentioned previously, during my consultation with Mr. Sigler, he said he used to perform several bypass surgeries a day at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami. However, I have recently confirmed that Mr. Sigler does not have a license to practice medicine in Panama. I also received confirmation that he is not affiliated with Cenegenics Medical Institute, or Hospital Punta Pacifica, or John Hopkins Medical Institute, or Mount Sinai in any manner. Below is an image of the document I received from the state, confirming that Mr. Sigler is not licensed to practice medicine in Panama, as well as images of the confirmations I received from the various organizations confirming that share no affiliation with Mr. Sigler.

As Mr. Sigler does not have a license to practice medicine in Panama, as he makes himself out to appear, it follows that he did not have the authority to administer a medical consultation, as well as prescribe, and supply me the drugs that he did. 

Furthermore, Mr. Sigler has no affiliation with the agencies/organizations that he referred to in the consultation with me, as well as not having any affiliation to the agencies/organizations he refers to in the marketing of his business.

In addition, as I stated earlier, Mr. Sigler provided me with a prescription for the treatments he supplied to me. The prescription I was provided was stamped and signed. I originally thought that the stamp and signature were that of Mr. Sigler, but it wasn’t until I started questioning his credibility, that I noticed that the stamp and signature belonged to a doctor by the name of Dr. Karla K. Montoya G. (Dra. Montoya), who was not present at the time the prescription was written and provided to me. As I understand, it is an offence to prescribe treatments to anyone if you are not licensed to do so. Furthermore, administering prescriptions with the stamp and signature of a doctor who is not present is also an act I understand is prohibited. I questioned Mr. Sigler regarding the prescription, and Dra. Montoya, but I received no response from him regarding the subject. Below is a copy of the prescription Mr. Sigler gave to me.

I then continued my research by verifying the reliability of Mr. Sigler’s claim that the drugs he supplies can be legally brought into the United States. I confirmed that travelling into the US with controlled substances is a violation of US law unless certain requirements are met, which include, but are not limited to the following:

The drug is imported from a licensed pharmacy for personal use by an individual, not for resale, in quantities that do not exceed a 90-day supply;
The drug is accompanied by a copy of a valid prescription; and
The drug is a prescription drug approved by the Secretary;

My next step was to verify if Mr. Sigler’s companies, and the drugs they supply meet the requirements in order to allow their customers to legally travel into the United States with their products. I learned that Live Well Pharmaceuticals is neither authorized nor registered by the FDA, and that some of the substances sold by Live Well Pharmaceuticals are not prescription drugs that are approved by the FDA. In addition to possibly not being provided with a valid prescription, this means that I would be in violation of law, on various accounts, and thus arrested and charged, if I had attempted to bring the drugs, which Mr. Sigler supplied, into the US. The research I have done so far, regarding this concern, indicates that Mr. Sigler’s claim, that I can legally travel into the US with his drugs, was also untrue.

In my search for more answers, I came across information on the internet that stated that Mr. Sigler has a criminal record in the United States. After looking into the matter further, I eventually confirmed that Michael was convicted in Santa Rosa, Florida, and pleaded no contest, for drug trafficking. Discovering this fact really helped explain, and put into context my  experience with Mr. Sigler. There is no other word other than criminal, which can be used to describe Mr. Sigler’s business practices/ethics, and treatment towards me. In my opinion, Mr. Sigler should be in prison solely based on his conduct in my case, not to mention all the other people that may have been victimized by him over the years.

I am appalled, and extremely concerned that a criminal has been operating a pharmaceutical drug company in Panama, with little to no regulation to safeguard the well-being of the general public. 

I recently read an article online regarding an incident that occurred in Panama, where hundreds of people died due to taking tainted drugs provided by the Panamanian government, which were imported from Asia. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Sigler explained to me that he was using the Free Trade Zone in Panama to receive, and ship his drugs. He specifically told me that he received some of the drugs in granulate form from China, and would compound them into capsules in his compounding factory in Panama. I fear the same lack of oversight may be occurring in my case, only a few years after lack of oversight lead to the circulation of tainted drugs in Panama. I would have thought that after the occurrence of such a tragic incident, that the Panamanian authorities would have become much more vigilant in terms of the control and oversight of pharmaceuticals entering the country, so as to prevent a similar incident from happening again. 

However, as I have learned, the tainted drug incident had little to no impact on the way the Panamanian authorities approach matters regarding the pharmaceutical market in their country. In May 2013, I brought all of these concerns to the attention of the Ministry of Health in Panama, who are responsible for processing and investigating these sorts of claims, but 5 months have passed, and I have not received a reply from them regarding the issue. I have called them once every week since submitting the claim, and I have only been told that they can confirm having received the claim, but cannot provide any additional information, and that I should continue to call back every week.

I also brought my concerns to the Panamanian National Police, but I was told that they would not accept my complaint unless the Ministry of Health first investigated, and issued an official report on the matter.

I have reached a point of paralysation in terms of my options in receiving any form of justice for the illegal and dangerous conduct that I have become a victim of. As we speak, my complaint is sitting on the desk of some representative at the Ministry of Health being ignored, while Mr. Sigler continues to conduct business, and endanger lives.

I am baffled at how something so blatantly dangerous and illegal can occur, and receive no attention/interest from the authorities who are responsible for policing these offences. In theory, anyone could come to Panama and start a pharmaceutical company, operate fraudulently, provide untested, and potentially dangerous drugs to people, and nobody would do anything about it.

I also learned that the lack of action also extended to the banks and creditors, which were used to complete my transaction with Mr. Sigler. At the point of sale, I was informed that Visa was accepted as a form of payment for the drugs and services rendered. At the time, knowing that I could pay by Visa gave me peace of mind thinking that I would receive certain protections against fraud and illegal transactions. As I understand, businesses are thoroughly vetted, and must meet the requirements of Visa’s operating Regulations, before being grated the ability to use Visa as a method of charging clients, and maintain compliance with these regulations as it relates to Visa transactions. I brought my concerns to my credit card bank, CrediCorp. They filed a claim on my behalf, and the claim was denied, based on the sole fact that I signed the credit card voucher. All of the other facts involved in the case were ignored by my bank. When I questioned my bank about the resolution, I was told that the decision came directly from Visa’s corporate office.

I then brought the claim to Visa’s board of directors, who initially agreed to look at the claim. Very shortly after bringing the claim to their attention, I was told that the decision to deny my claim came directly from my bank, that the decision was final, and that they would no longer participate in a dialogue with me about the matter.

It is also important to note, that the bank who issued the Visa point of sale account to Live Well Pharmaceuticals is Banco General in Panama. I also brought this issue to their attention several times, but received absolutely no response from them whatsoever.

Visa’s international operating regulations clearly state that “A member must comply with applicable laws or regulations", that "a transaction must be legal in both the Cardholder's jurisdiction and the Merchant Outlet's jurisdiction”; and that "in the event of any conflict between the Visa International Operating Regulations and any applicable laws or regulations, the requirements of the laws or regulations govern". The regulations also state that "an Acquirer must not knowingly accept from a Merchant for submission into the Visa payment system, any transaction that is illegal or that the Merchant should have known was illegal”; and that “the Merchant is responsible for its employees' actions”. 

Despite having presented all of the information regarding my case to my bank, the merchants bank, and Visa Inc., which clearly showed that the transaction that took place between me and Live Well Pharmaceuticals, was facilitated illegally and fraudulently, on various levels, my concerns again fell upon deaf ears.

The fact that Mr. Sigler has been able to push his drugs, and not face any sort of recourse for his actions is absolutely terrifying to me, and I encourage everyone to be cautious when seeking medical advice or purchasing drugs from anyone in Panama. There is no way of confirming if a person is or is not a licensed medical practitioner in this country, there are virtually no regulatory safeguards in place to protect you from tainted drugs or medical fraud, and there is practically no consumer protection protocols in place to protect people from being swindled out of their money. I understand now that the inefficiency of the government and financial institutions in Panama is ideal for criminals to exploit for their personal gain, at the expense of your health.

I ask that you review this post and provide your thoughts and assistance in this matter. If you cannot help, I would appreciate any recommendations you may have regarding who I may contact to seek further help.

I hope I have provided you with enough information. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions, or if you require additional information.

UPDATE: If you would like to read the most recent info on this case, I have published an important update on April 8, 2014, which you can view by visiting the following link: 


  1. I would like to provide some information for any foreigner receiving medical treatment in Panama:
    1. Panama DOES NOT ALLOW ANY foreigners to practice medicine in our country, do not treat yourself with foreign doctors as they are not only not licensed but illegal.
    2. I would suggest going to the recognised hospitals: Centro Medico Paitilla, Hospital Punta Pacifica (affiliated with Johns Hopkins), Hospital San Fernando, and Hospital Nacional among a few. DO NOT get medical treatments in a pop up office.

    1. And buy meds from a accredited pharmacy like Farmacias Arrochas, Metro, or any supermarket.

  2. Get in touch with Mr. Don Winner of Panama Guide. He is an investigative journalist who has uncovered many scams and "bad guys" including a serial killer.

    1. Don Winner is a paid corrupt online mercenary that writes propaganda for the highest bidder. My God, do some real research..

  3. That pharmacy list reads like a compendium of rejuvenation biotechnologies, didn't now Panama was this advance in this field! Amazing! What's the number of the clinic?

    1. Yes, Sigler will take care of you. The one thing that impressed me about Sigler was after I my first visit with him and prescription, he called me 3 or 4 times in the following week, to see how I was feeling and to make sure that I understood the dosages and get my feedback --

      Class act all the way --- and I have been a client now for over 3 years

  4. My doctor has prescribed me medications which I purchased from the Livewell Pharmacy. I've never had any problems. Before I started taking my medication I did some research and found this post on an Panama expat board. Looks like someone should have given this guy (the author) something for obsessive compulsive disorder, as well a sedative because he seems somewhat obsessed. Really, who sets out to destroy the owner of a pharmacy because he's not comfortable with medications?

    1. I think you've missed the point of the author. The owner of the pharmacy poses as a licensed doctor, and sold and old man, with pre-existing health conditions, a heavy, unsafe, cocktail of steroids, and even a banned substance.

      If you read the blog closely, you can see the author already takes meds for his pre-existing conditions. So I don't think he has any problem with meds... Looks like he has a problem with falling ill, and being conned.

  5. Like the first commenter said, by law this man cannot practice medicine in Panama. Like everything else in Panama, the authorities will not do anything unless someone dies AND that "someone" has to be VIP if not, authorities will not move a finger. This applies to everything in Panama. Money talks in my little country, unfortunately.

  6. I think the supposed Doctor is liable. And the olde dude should sue, not just file a complaint. Talking to a lawyer will make some progress in this. My 2 cents. Also I'm not sure if he speaks or writes in Spanish, but it would be better if everything in this page gets accurately translated (not googled) to spanish as well in order to appeal to a broader audience. It needs to be known far and wide. The social networking thing will be the crowbar you need to break even with the rich and powerful down here, those who have investments in some of the businesses you mention.

  7. I do not know why this man did not take the trouble to determine whether Sigler was licensed to practice medicine in Panama, or whether he was licensed in the USA as he claimed, and if not, if he had ever been and why he wasn't any longer, before hiring him, as opposed to afterwards. Most expats needing health care in Panama get referrals from our friends. There are many good Panamanian doctors, some of whom have had advanced training in the USA and other first world countries and some of whom speak English. Why would someone bypass them and seek out someone with no credentials whatsoever? And how foolish, to take "medications" that you have not researched. Had he done so, he would have realized that these "medications" are not legitimate and not safe. As for why the government tolerates this kind of crap: Corruption.

    1. I agree that there are many good Panamanian doctors, and that corruption is what allows people like Sigler to wrecklessly push his drugs to whoever is willing to pay.

  8. I lived in Panama for 12 years everything is corrupt,I had a spinal fushion Johns Hopkins is the worst.At the time they opened they in fact were waiting on Johns Hopkins for their certification.Cant imagine the surly clearly prejuciced service I received.Panama as a medical tourist destination you take your life in your hands.

  9. First of all I'd like to say that I'm really sorry for all the pain & suffering that you've been through. I'll give you some ideas that might help you solve this in a more efficient way: 1. Have you spoken to a US attorney to see if there is any possibility for Panama to waive jurisdiction in this case? I ask this because there is a criminal component to all of this, since there is an alledged trafficking of controlled substances. I also understood that the man has a criminal record in Florida, are there any outstanding warrents for his arrest?
    2. Have you written a letter with all the copies of your evidence to the DEA liason officer at the US Embassy or anybody at the US Embassy that deals with drugs/ controlled substances related matters? I know for a fact that the US Government and Panama work closely together to fight drug trafficking of all sorts; and if this man is in fact using Panama to distribute drugs and jepardize the health of people, then the authorities are going to be interested in looking into it. This will leave no room for your compensation, but he'll be out of business and possibly in jail depending on the findings of the investigations. However, with the new acusatory system in Panama, things could get tricky and he could walk away on a technicality. I believe the acussatory system is not in place yet for the Province of Panama, but talk to an attorney first, don't risk it.
    3. In Panama you could hire an attorney and file a civil lawsuit for pain & suffering / damages. I think you have enough evidence. Odds are the process could take years, but if your case is admitted, you have enough grounds to seize some of their accounts as a preventive measure. Usually what happens is that you put so much preasure on the defendant that things will be settled quicker and faster out of court. Talk to an attorney.
    4. In Panama you could hire an attorney and file a criminal complaint/lawsuit for fraude, crimes against public health. Possibilites are that they'll ask for a settlement for you to drop the charges. Again talk to an attorney.
    5. Regarding the visa processing aspect, I regret to tell you that our system is a joke.... Panamanian banking authority (Superintendencia de Bancos) has very little understanding to say the least of what a merchant account is, nor do they understand the link between such accounts and drug trafficking. If you want visa to fine the banks, write a letter to Visa International directly and they will fine the bank. Banks here say lots of BS about the KYC policies to avoid money laundering and financial crimes, but cases like this make it quite obvious that such rules only apply to the little people. Sophisticated crooks are having a field day here.
    Last, but not least, I say this as a Panamanian, Attorney and fellow human... I am so sorry that you came to this country to relax and enjoy, and found a system that only works half way in every sense of the word. Panama is growing to fast, rats are coming in from everywhere and most of us don't know how to deal with that. I love my country, if it wasn't for the weather, the system and the people it would be the best country in the world.
    I am glad that you are ok and that your health is better now. Happy New Year. Cheer up, shit happens, but life's still good!

  10. It's surprising the government is taking so long to act.
    I'm sure there are plenty quacks everywhere else in the world, even in the US.
    You have to be extremely reckless, to say it kindly, to go to an obscure clinic, without solid reference, then purchase a ton of different pills manufactured from chinese ingredients, poorly packed, without any sort of legend or even registration, and continue to take them in spite of getting sicker every day. On top of that a real doctor tells you to stop, and you still go back to Sigler!!! It looks like you were looking for a magic potion for a fountain of youth. You might have fared better with a witch doctor. My advise: Get your head examined and move on.

  11. How are you doing Now? Your health!

  12. I'm very sorry to hear what you went through, however you had to do your due diligence before committing to your medical process. Going to a US M.D. in Panama in private medical office is a big red flag. In fact that is a red flag anywhere. Panama has enjoyed a good stature regarding its medical practices. I'm very sorry about what happened to you, but you should sue the Dr., sue the Panamanian Dr. that was providing him with his his/her license number to issue prescriptions, etc. That is what you can probably do in Panama. Visa has a lot of disclaimers in their contracts, and I doubt you can sue them for anything, or the merchant bank for the same matter. As a US Citizen Dr. Sigler is liable in the USA. Sue him there and try to attach any assets he might have in the US. Again, I fell very sorry for your awful experience, but putting the finger on Panama, and blaming the Panamanian authorities for your bad experience is not the way to go. Perhaps nobody had filed a complaint against Sigler before, someone had to do it first.

    1. I agree 100% with Mr Cruz. Every patient has the obligation to make an investigation of his/her doctors, where they study, where they practice and any complication they had before. We use to see foreign patients every day in our practice and they ask us about our experience, skills and complications rate in selective procedures. Also, we need to remember that any medication has a percent of adverse reactions in several individuals and sometimes the physician can´t predict those reactions. I am very sorry for your experience but i believe that at least, you have a good amount of responsibility in this matter.

  13. True that Panamanian law does not permit foreign doctors to work in Panama, so that is the first red flag. This Sigler individual is obviously an efficient con man. He should first do some prison time in Panama for his offenses, and then be run out of Panama and banished from returning, turned over to US authorities to face further prosecution for fraud. And the patient should go to an accredited Panamanian physician, or if he is not comfortable with that, return to the USA for treatment.

  14. If the his middle name is Orlin you might want to check the Florida medical registration database ( The only Michael O. Sigler there was a massage therapist from Kansas, and his licence expired or was revoked on 2007
    I would love to hear him describe any of the "surgeries" he performed

    1. I stand (partially) corrected. Apparently he did study medicine. But he never got a medical license (see below), which is why the only ones on record are from him being a resident in 2003 and as a massage therapist in 2007

  15. Ever wondered why he is in Panama?

    "Michael Sigler, M.D. --- University of Sint Eustatius --- Examination
    1. Less than favorable evaluation and failure to disclose probation at the University of Miami;
    2. Less than favorable evaluation from Mt. Sinai Hospital;
    3. Failure to disclose your nolo contender to misdemeanor convictions.
    ... Mr. Dyches made a motion to deny the application for licensure based on 458.331(1)(gg), misrepresenting or concealing a material fact at any time during any phase of a licensing process....
    To summarize, the committee voted to deny the application for licensure."

    (From an article of 2009 by Erick Jackson on The Panamenian News)

    1. Below is a record in the USA that involves a Michael O Sigler, which shows the nolo - contender to misdemeanor convictions.

      1. Florida Department of Law Enforcement
      County: Santa Rosa
      Offense Date: May 25, 1995
      Conviction Date: July 7, 1995
      Type: Misdemeanor First Degree
      Category: Criminal/Trafficking
      Offense Code: 0893.13.1
      Plea: Nolo - Contender
      Case #: 579501879MMA

      Would be interesting to know more about this case, and if there are any others?

    2. "Sell, manufacture, or deliver cannabis"
      Interesting "side job" for a doctor

  16. Me apena su condición de salud y lamento mucho su falta de información. Creo este fue su mayor pecado.
    Es necesario que todo extranjero aprenda las normas e investigue antes de confiar sus finanzas, salud, arreglos legales, etc. sea Panamá o cualquier otro país.
    Su mayor error fue creer que la persona que le atendía tenía licencia de médico, ese es su error, recalco suyo no puede culpar al Estado Panameño, como a nadie en Panamá por ello. Mucho se habló en el 2013 en las noticias de este tema. Hubo huelgas de semanas sobre este asunto, (la no aceptación de los médicos panameños de hacer exclusiones a la norma, que prohíben la práctica de médicos extranjeros en Panamá).
    Pero los extranjeros, no digo que sea su caso, se aíslan quieren vivir en un paraíso a bajo costo, sin integrarse, sin aprender el idioma, sin aprender de la cultura, sin siguiera ver noticias y vivir en una burbuja perfecta a su medida, como una ciudad dentro de otra, aislado de lo que molesta o no es de su gusto.
    Es verdad que No debería tener cabida este señor en nuestro país, pero aquí la cultura de defender los derechos, hacer reclamos y denunciar, este tipo de práctica es a todos los niveles y a ojos de todos los estamentos del Estado, como por todos los individuos ignorado, y ocurre en la construcción, en los despachos de arquitectura, en las clínicas privadas de medicina, en los bufetes de abogados existen un sin número de profesionales ilegales, que no pueden ejercer en Panamá y aun así lo hacen. Eso lo puede criticar y basar su alegato en ello.
    Y así mismo como usted desconocía eso, esos " profesionales extranjeros " también desconocen los métodos técnicos, las leyes, la idiosincrasia de este país, y se pasa en alto (se hace la vista gorda) todo el daño que esto puede ocasionar. Como es en su caso.
    Lo primero que usted debe comprender es que desconocer la ley no lo exculpa, usted también hizo algo ilegal, atenderse con una persona a la que no le pregunto, si tenía licencia para ejercer en este país, si estaba acreditado en algún estamento del Estado Panameño y que comprobara eso, porque no se quiso atender con un médico local.
    Los medicamentos que usted compro y consumió, debieron tener etiquetado del MINSA, cualquier medicamento que se vende en Panamá, en farmacias, clínicas y hospitales tienen la certificación del Ministerio de Salud de Panamá, No puede culpar al Estado Panameño por adquirir productos ilegales, comprados ilegalmente.

  17. Si usted indica que en una farmacia o comercio con licencia para venta de medicamento compro los mismos, usted puede atribuir al Estado una negligencia en sus procesos, pero si usted compra unos productos de manera fraudulenta usted es cómplice de un delito.
    Usted puede denunciar los hechos de lo fácil que es conseguir estos medicamentos ilegales en Panamá y que en ese momento ignoraba el delito y dar la información a un fiscal, para que investigue sobre estos procesos dudosos de introducción de estos productos y lo dañinos para la salud que resultan ser, para cualquier ciudadano en Panamá o ser vivo.
    Sobre su queja de tarjeta Visa, me parece casi absurda, que pretenda achacar a una compañía internacional alguna culpabilidad de sus actos, usted compro un producto, lo uso y luego pretende se le devuelva el dinero, porque no le resultaron como se lo habían prometido, aquí el reclamo es para el supuesto médico, no para la compañía que medio en la transacción.
    Disculpe que desestime todas sus quejas, reconozco fue víctima de un farsante, ladrón y/o estafador. Pero definitivamente usted se equivocó en las tomas de decisiones y juicio para la elección del profesional que debía atenderle.
    Lo que si voy a reprochar fuertemente es el absoluto mutis, indolencia legal de los médicos como Díaz y Montoya. Uno por no hacer lo pertinente en la denuncia de lo que había descubierto y la otra por facilitar su sello (si es que es verdadero), esto demuestra el impermeable secretismo en el círculo médico y la inexistente ética profesional de estos 2 doctores, porque los mismos de alguna u otra forma conocían al Señor Sigler.
    Espero de todo corazón, que este recuperándose y pueda mantener una buena calidad de vida, dentro de todo el calvario que sufrió.

  18. I was on Dr. Sigler's Age Management program for 2 years. He had two medical Doctors on staff who prescribed my medications. He was a councillor and did not practice as a physician. All my medications and bio's were signed by those physicians. It is my understanding that allot of false information has been provided here concerning one of the most Educated Age Management Professionals. I lost weight, my energy levels improved and I was able to do the activities that are normally limited in my age. This patient was prescribed basically an Age Management treatment for diabetes using bio identical hormones. I have actually met several of Dr. Sigler's clients including some with sugar diabetes in the age of the patient complaining. In my opinion I don't think that Michael Sigler would intentionally harm or mistreat any of his clients. He always has their interest at best. He is not a mal practitioner in anyway. He does not practice as a physician. But as a consultant having studied Cenegenics and Age Management. Anonymous